Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vocabulary Wall

The vocabulary tree I created in the hall is one of my most creative vocabulary displays to date.  As much as I loved the tree I needed my vocabulary words to be in my room instead of in the hall.  Students weren't able to refer to the tree when they were trying to think of a vocabulary word during our discussions.   Along with the tree my students created a glossary to keep all of their words, definitions and pictures.  I found students weren't referencing their glossary (shocking I know) so I had a volunteer write the words on sentence strips and attach a magnet to the back. 

Magnet Roll
Magnet attached to the sentence strip.

Last year I put up the words that would be used during the current unit on the board so students had words to use while speaking and writing. 

As I took the words down I forgot to label the books they belonged to causing a huge mess when I got them out this year.  Instead of sorting all the words I decided to devote my entire chalkboard to create a word wall. 

My plan is to have students find the words on the word wall as we come across them in the book.  Once the word is found a student will move it to my front board so we remember to use the word during our discussions!

I would like to say that four days into school and my room is finished but sadly I still need to add a few more touches.  I will hopefully be able to post some new additions to my room in the next week.. Get excited!