Thursday, May 23, 2013

Linear Equations Graffiti Posters

WOW does time fly by- my last blog post was January 13 and it is now May 23! I think it goes without saying I have been a terrible blogger this year.  I have had the best of intentions of posting new ideas over the past few months- I have the pictures on my phone to prove it :)

One of my favorite activities from this year was a graffiti poster on linear equations.  I used this activity to summarize several of the investigations in the curriculum I teach.  I was becoming increasingly frustrated that my students could tell me all parts of the equation (independent variable, constant rate/slope, dependent variable, y-intercept) but could not connect how the equation could be communicated in the table and graph.  I thought that if students could get all of the connections out of their mind and in their face on a poster the connections would happen.

Before students started on their posters I showed them an example of the end product.  Students worked in groups and were given one linear equation.  I tried to include some more difficult equations like an equation that has  slope of one or y-intercept of (0, 0). 

I had student color code each part of the equations to help keep their ideas organized. 

 I loved the final products and we had great conversations about each poster.  Next year I will try to start this poster earlier in the book to have an ongoing summary.  I want students to keep reflecting on the equations and add new knowledge after every investigation. 

I am 3 weeks away from summer which hopefully means I can spend more time updating this poor neglected blog :)

Happy Thursday!