Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Octahedron Summaries

We are wrapping up our 3-dimensional unit which has become one of my favorite units of the year.  One reason it is my favorite is because we summarize each unit on paper plates creating a octahedron by the end of the book.  This is the second time I have done octahedrons, you can read last year's post HERE.

The plates explained the following concepts: 

                              - Area formulas for triangles, circles and trapezoids
                              - Rectangular prism nets 
                              - Surface area of a rectangular prism
                              - Volume of a rectangular prism
                              - Surface area of a cylinder
                               -Volume of a cylinder
                               - Volume of a sphere 
                               - Volume of a cone

Last year my directions stressed an explanation for each concept.  Many of the students' explanations were hard to apply to new problems so I changed my flipchart directions this year.  

I had students write the steps in words and numbers (example) for each for the volume and surface area plates.  

The plates turned out great and this year I remembered to have students decorate their plates when they finished their directions.  We hole punched two plates at the top and ran string through to hang the octahedrons.   

I heard one student say "it looks like paradise!"

 I totally agree - math paradise :) 

The other 7th grade teacher hung her octahedrons along the back of her room.   Doesn't it look like vertebrae?  I am going to keep this in mind for next year. 

I love doing this summary activity! The plates get the students out of the book and keep them engaged throughout the unit! 

Happy Teachers Appreciation Week :)