Friday, April 25, 2014

EdExpo Favorite Sensory Objects

As promised I have many products I want to share that I learned about at the EdExpo in Dallas.  The very first booth I visited was the Boinks booth. 

 The first product they showed me was the boink which reminded me of the Chinese finger traps.  Boinks are cute little toys that have multiple uses including a pencil grip.  The only issue with the boink is that is acts like a spring and flies through the air - no way could I handle those flying in my classroom.  

The second thing they showed me was the fidget.  I LOVE the fidget!  It is a small tube with a marble that you can move back and forth with your thumb - so simple!  I especially love that it doesn't have any kind of liquid inside for students to spill.  I was "fidgeting" with the fidget the whole time I was learning about all of the Boink products.  I was hooked :)

My other great sensory find was the The Dough Source's DaVinci Dough.  This dough was scented to promote clarity, creativity and focus.  The two scents are lemon ginger and vanilla orange - both AMAZING!  

I had my tutor student use the lemon ginger dough during our reading session.  I noticed she was relaxed and really liked the scent.  

If you are in need of any sensory tools look into either of these products.  Both of these products are great for the regular and and special ed students.  Next time you are at your local teacher store look for these to try :)