Saturday, November 2, 2013

PBIS Grade Level Bulletin Boards

My school is in its 2nd year of implementing school wide PBIS reward system.  I am a seventh grade rep and on the PR/spirit subcommittee for PBIS.  PBIS plans activities for the first day of school to help kick off the school year positively.  The first day of school consisted of a lot of house keeping and a grade level PBIS activity.  Each grade level had an activity that talked about positive behavior that represented our "Chute Choice"- responsible, respectful and successful.  

I had bulletin boards up before the 1st day of school and learned a little trick from a fellow teacher helping get the boards ready.  We used push pins to place the words before stapling.  I am a HUGE stickler on having my words centered so this trick was a big help! Why had I never thought of that?

Seventh graders read a short play that had to do with students bullying a peer through technology.  After reading the play students thought about how they could contribute to our school positively to decrease the "drama" of seventh grade.  Students recorded their thoughts on construction paper and I posted all of the papers on the seventh grade board.  

Sixth grade created comic strips about appropriate behavior demonstrated through out the school day.  These behaviors might be hallway, locker, bathroom behavior etc. 

 The sixth grade board was so large I had to break up the board into three pictures. 

These are all "before" pics- I never got a pic of the completed/posted comics.  Sorry!

I don't know the eighth grade activity but I do know that they ended with writing about something positive they wanted to be remembered by once they went to the high school.  They wrote their thoughts on eagles which is our school mascot. 

In case you were wondering - no I did not pick out the colors of the words! The colors made me cringe when putting the board together! 

I love doing bulletin boards at the beginning of the year before school gets crazy! Good thing these boards have themes that can last for months :)