Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Wreath

As much as I love the upcoming holidays I have a hard time decorating in my classroom.  If I put stuff up I have to actually take it back down.

This year I came across this little gem and was very intrigued if I could actually make it..
 If you want to make one yourself click HERE

This Wreath is SOOO easy!! All you need is foam board, fake leaves (I got both from the dollar store), twine,  and the trusty glue gun! I added a couple of extra pumpkins to make it my own.  

Here is my version: 
 I bought the pumpkins and the bow from Michaels.

I decided to bring this to school since I am in my classroom more than home during the week.  It brings a little smile to my face when I see it :)

Happy Monday!

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