Friday, November 11, 2011

Just have to laugh...

A few days ago one of my students (special ed) came running up to me frantic before class.  

Student: "Ms. Gates I left my math binder in the lost and found before lunch and now it is not there!"
Me: "You left your OWN binder in the lost and found?"
Student: "yeah and someone took it!"

My co-teacher (special ed) comes up behind me with his binder- "(student name) I found this in the lost and found AGAIN!"

Believe it or not, this is not the first time we have had an incident with this student and the lost and found.  A month ago he "lost" his binder for a couple of days.  By lost - he put his binder in the lost and found (because did didn't want to have to go all the way to his locker before lunch) and forgot he left it there..

Thought I would give you a good laugh to start the weekend!
Happy Veteran's Day! 


  1. I have a much sadder story about the lost and found. I taught a girls years back who was quite the thief. When she was in elem school she would steal from her teacher or classmates and hide the goods in the lost and found and then pick them up on her way out to the bus at the end of the day. Wonder what she is doing now?

  2. Kids do/say the funniest things! These are the little "perks" of teaching :)

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