Thursday, December 1, 2011

Covered in paint and mog pog

When I started my blog my goal was to post at least twice a week.  I think that lasted about two weeks.  I slowed down to once a week for a few weeks and to dare I say it- I have not posted for two weeks! 

I have good reasons... My blog was neglected for the first week because I was in sunny Florida for Thanksgiving!  Nothing better than relaxing in the sun for 5 days and spending time with my wonderful family.  

I was even lucky enough to see the NASA's rocket take off to Mars!
Beautiful day to see the launch!

Needless to say it has been rough getting back into the swing of things this week.  I had planned to blog about group names/signs but I have been distracted with a non school related project.  One of my best friends is getting married on New Years and has trusted me to make her center pieces!  After many nights searching Pinterest we decided on a few different designs. 

One of my favorites of our choices...
Thank goodness Cleverlyinspired provided a wonderful tutorial to make the bottles. 

I put the word out that I was collecting bottles and within a couple of weeks I have received 32 bottles!   I received a large box of bottles after Thanksgiving which motivated me to get started on my centerpieces.  I have been working on these for a couple of days and decided to give a sneak peek on my progress (this is for you Ash). 

After taking off all the labels off the bottles (what a pain)- I finally started to prime the bottles. 
After the first four bottles I finally learned to only paint half and let them dry so I didn't get paint all over my hands.  

I still have about 18 more to do.

 I salted the top half of the bottle (yes it is bigger than all the other bottles).  This bottle is AWESOME and I plan to put the newlyweds' initials on it.  

This is a ball jar covered in Epsom salt. 

Six jars took an entire bottle of Mog Pog.  I still have one more coat (mog pog/salt) to do.  If I don't figure out a way to cut down on the glue this is going to become an expensive project.  

My hands have been covered in glue (mog pog) and paint for the past three days.  
I don't mind one bit :)

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek! I will post the final products after the wedding!

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