Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Second Place Teacher - Last Place Blogger

I have faced the truth that my blog is probably the most BORING teacher blog in the blog world.   Seeing that I NEVER update this thing I am sure I have been forgotten about.  I am determined to make a come back - one picture at a time. 

 I will start with this little gem I was awarded the last week of school.  

I would first like to thank...  Haha just kidding. 

Who received first place?  Sadly it was her reading teacher.  Cards like these always give me the best laugh and remind me of why I love teaching.  

I hope everyone is enjoying the first official day of summer!


  1. You've not been forgotten about! We all let our blog slip for bits (cough...mine for about a year...cough). Enjoy your summer! :-)

  2. Middle schoolers are nothing if not honest! That totally crack me up! TFS and hope you get back into blogging this summer.

    1. I am glad you were able to get a good laugh too Sherrie! My goal is to blog more this summer - time will tell :)