Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mystery Teacher and Carson-Dellosa Winner

Today was probably the best day with my students so far this year! We started our second book Stretching and Shrinking (CMP) with the introduction of the "mystery teacher".  We have a new math coach this year who taught at another middle school in our district for years.  He gave us (7th grade math teachers) the idea of using a real picture to help students starting thinking about similar figures.  He used the idea of a teacher taking his drinks out of the fridge in the teachers lounge.  We came up with a teacher caught taking students' notebooks out of their lockers.  

We needed a hat but were short on time so we used a sombrero - thank you Mr. Chung!  We used a composition notebook knowing we have them in our room for students to use as a reference.  We cropped the picture and made a "wanted" poster activity sheet for students. 

Wanted Poster

So much fun! The students were so into the problem and the conversations were AMAZING! Although I did over hear students discussing shoes or who owns a sombrero, I was able to redirect them back to the math by asking them what the problem was asking them to determine (the height).  I have not seen my students this engaged all year so it was really exciting to witness.

I loved when I found one of my most off task students laying composition books on the table to determine the height.

I so was proud of my students and the strategies they used to determine the height.  I think we are off to a great start with similar figures!

Finally - we have a WINNER for my first giveaway! Big Congrats to Melissa for winner her own set of common core standards! Thanks to all who entered the contest and if you are still interested in getting your own set of standards visit their website

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