Saturday, March 22, 2014

#EdExp02014 Favorite Products for any Classroom

As you know I had the opportunity to attend the ED Expo in Dallas.   You can read more about the expo and my funny travel experience here.  I am still overwhelmed with all of the amazing products I saw at the expo.  Today I am going to tell you about 2 of my favorite products that could be used in ANY classroom! 

Time Timer Watches 

I am obsessed with these watches! I want one SOOOOOO bad! The watch visually shows how much time is left and vibrates (or has an audible alerts) when time is up.  I have a digital timer but it is small and I keep it on the front table so it is hard to keep track of the time while helping groups.  

You can find the watch HERE.  These watches are clearly popular because the adult watches are sold out as I am writing this post!   

Time Timer Clocks

The clocks come in all different sizes.  I would love to have a big one at the front of the room for students during independent or partner work.  Time Timer also has 3 inch clocks that would be VERY useful for groups to have at their table.  I would think productivity would increase when they had actually set the timer themselves and have a visual  of the time left at their table.  These timers can be purchased in bulk so talk to teachers in your building to create a large order for a cheaper price :) 

You can check out the timer clocks HERE.

If you don't have the budget for the clocks or watches you can buy the App or software for you computer or iphone/ipad.  The prices are very reasonable -  I am thinking about getting the app for my ipad to start.  Click HERE to check out the apps. 

Mooreco student desks

If I could create my dream classroom these desks would be included.   I did not expect to fall in love with furniture when I was at the expo but these desks are AMAZING.  The shape of these desks allow you to do any configuration. 

Click HERE to find more information on these desks. 

What really attracted me to these desks is the white board as the top of the desk!  Although I do worry about the residue of markers after years of writing, but think about the amount of paper you could save when you want students to practice or work collaboratively as a group! If your school is looking to get new desks you HAVE to keep these in mind! 

Find the award-winning Teacher Trendsetter products and much more at a retailer near you by utilizing the  zip code searchable database.  Support the small businesses in your community! 

You have my Top 2 picks from the Ed Expo! These products would work for any classroom and subject area in my opinion :) 

Stay tuned for my top products for Math, Special Ed, PBIS and Reading! 


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