Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy early birthday to me!

After years of longing to own that magical tablet that everyone around me seemed to own I finally joined the club.  I bought the Ipad! I saved my cashback for months (actually years) and had enough to pay most of the expense leaving the rest as my birthday present to myself.  Although my birthday is not until Thursday I wanted to purchase it and all the accessories before my trip to Philly for the Annual NCTM conference at the end of April. 

This thing is addicting! 
The first accessory I need ASAP is a case.  Any recommendations??  I want to incorporate this tool into my classroom so I really want something durable.  It seems that the otterbox is a highly recommended case but I would love to hear from teachers who use them in class.  I rather not have something really bulky but certainly don't want to regret my choice after an accident.  

I have other exciting news... 

Fast Times of a Middle School Math Teacher has joined Twitter!! I have to confess- I have been on twitter for years but follow only about 10 people and they are all over exposed celebrities.  After much convincing from the media arts teacher in my building I have created a separate account to follow teachers who share the excitement of sharing new ideas.  

What I have accomplished so far..
That's right- I still don't have a picture.  I am thinking about seeing if the media arts teacher can have a student make a cartoon image of me during class.   Possible extra credit opportunity?!

If you are on twitter please follow me! I know I am bad with updating my blog but I am hoping twitter will be a new source of motivation! 

Also, if you have any Ipad case or app recommendations please share! I need tips!


  1. Happy early birthday Liz!

    I am jealous you get to go to NCTM this year. I was NCSM last year and really enjoyed some of the sessions. Enjoy your iPad, my husband got me one for Christmas.

  2. Thank you Sherrie!
    I am very excited for NCTM. I am actually presenting for the first time so I am keeping my fingers crossed my nerves don't get the best of me! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. Hi Liz,
    Happy Birthday! Have you downloaded any apps for your new iPad or used it in the classroom yet? I am taking a graduate course on integrating technology in the classroom and have found it to be indispensable thus far. I have an older model with no camera but your new one should allow that function. For an exercise in podcasting I downloaded a free voice recorder and send the recordings to my Dropbox. From there I can edit and put together a nice podcast for a blog. Have you experimented with student blogging or wikis? Thanks for Midweek Laugh- just what I needed. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on technology you might be using in your classroom. Have a great night!