Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Management Minute Linky Party!

Miss Klohn over at Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher started an awesome Linky Party on classroom management topics. 
April's Management Minute Focus is: Student Restroom Use

My school is very strict on restroom use because of an incident that happened in an elementary school in my district.  Students are not suppose to use the bathroom unless it is an emergency and must sign in and out on the restroom log.  I personally hate when students ask to use the restroom because I find it to be an avoidance tactic.  I wanted to make paper passes and give out 2 passes a trimester but I forgot to make them at the beginning of the year.  Once students started to ask to go to the bathroom I realized I forgot to make the passes.  I had to get creative quick and decided on a "once a month rule".  I told the students that the bathroom was for emergencies only and an emergency should only happen once a month at the most.  This strategy is easy to keep track of because I have the restroom log to check dates of student use.  I thought this strategy was great until once a month felt like once a week.  I couple of months ago I just started to only allow students to use the bathroom right at the beginning of class (they have to ask as they are walking in the door) or the last five minutes of class.  I have found that when I say "no"  I get a lot of whining but when I say "yes at the five minute bell" students seem to be okay. 

This strategy may not be the best but it is good for the teachers out there that often forget to hand things out during the year.  I want to try to do paper passes next year to see if it cuts the amount of bathroom requests I get on a daily basis.  

I can't wait to read all of the other ideas other teachers share! Great topic Miss Klohn!

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